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Monday, 8 May 2017

An Apology and A Grumble

Whenever anyone takes the time to comment on my blogs, I'm extremely grateful. So it's extremely annoying that whenever I try to make a reply, it disappears into the ether. I have tried fiddling with the Blogger settings but no joy. (Weirdly, my comments do appear to work intermittently on my Sue Wilkes history blog). I suspect it's something to do with the pop-up blocker but who knows? So I do apologise if I appear to be ignoring you - there's some kind of technical fault and I've no idea how to fix it.

1 comment:

  1. No problem, Sue. The fact that you post my comments shows me you have read them. That last topic, highwaymen, is interesting. In the middle of the large roundabout, on the A3, on the corner of Wimbledon Common, the road to Putney and the road to Wandsworth, there is a black silhouette sign depicting a highwayman positioned on the top of a tall post. It is meant to depict Jerry Abershawe. Wimbledon Common was a wild area outside of London in the 18th/19th century. Its still pretty much wild!! Ha! Ha. It was a great place for not only highwaymen to waylay unsuspecting travellers on the London Road but it is where duels took place, officiated over by the local miller. He had a great sideline!!